Macart granit – The technical quartz material made in Germany

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Macart granit is a chemically processed acrylic-bound quartz material composed of up to 85 per cent natural minerals and approximately 15 per cent high-quality acrylic.

The quartz that is used comes from different mining regions, predominantly in Germany, Austria and Italy. Depending on the desired colour and intended surface structure, granite split is processed into various grain sizes – even as fine as quartz flour –, and mixed with colour pigments.


Macart granit surfaces are manufactured in a complex technical process. Macart produces Macart granit in large-format panels ranging in thickness from 6 to 11 mm, and compact panels with a thickness of 39 mm. Décor elements in certain colours can also be produced with a thickness of 4 mm.

The material can be shaped. Macart granit is the perfect solution for interior fitting, shop fitting, trade fair construction, and furniture building as well as in hospitals. Furthermore, extremely tough and attractive kitchen worktops are manufactured with this material.