Macart granit – Applications

Macart granit for kitchen

More and more people are finding the kitchen to be a place of relaxation and creativity. Friends are being entertained and families are cooking their favourite meals together. This is when Macart granit really demonstrates its strengths. Its application as a 100-per-cent antibacterial worktop combined with its ease of care, durability and resilience leaves nothing to be desired.

Macart granit is the ideal solution for table and counter worktops, walls and floors. It can even be extended from the kitchen area into the living room, where various applications are also possible.

  • Resistant and long-lasting; marking left by pots, pans or cutlery do not harm Macart granit surfaces, and can easily be removed
  • A wide range of colours and textures offer almost unlimited design possibilities
  • Can be easily combined with other materials such as wood, glass, stone or stainless steel for attractive effects
  • Quick, inexpensive and environmentally friendly maintenance: Macart granit is cleaned simply with water and a sponge or cloth. Use washing-up liquid for heavier soiling
  • Biologically sound, odour and taste neutral
  • Certified as safe for food preparation
  • UV-resistant and durably colour-fast
  • Macart granit Star granite is 100-per-cent antibacterial equipped as a worktop

Macart granit for Bathrooms

Macart granit can be used as wall and floor covering in residential and public bathrooms. Compared to tiles, the hygienic advantages are particularly notable. Large-format wall and floor panels reduce the number of seams to a minimum, dramatically limiting the contact surface for bacteria and mould.

Macart granit Meta-granite may also be thermally shaped. Level shower installations can be created by deep drawing, affording a uniform floor surface composed of one material.

Washstand counters may be combined with Macart solid surfaces sinks. Suspended or seamless countersunk sinks perfectly complement Macart granit washstands or cabinet bodies.

  • An elegant, luxurious appearance
  • Available in a wide range of attractive colours for modern bathrooms and showers
  • Can be easily combined with other materials such as wood, glass, stone, acrylic or stainless steel for impressive effects
  • Quick, inexpensive and environmentally friendly maintenance
  • Easily combined with any of the wide range of Macart solid surfaces sinks and moulded parts for a unique washstand facility
  • Lasting beauty and practically unlimited durability